Zephyr Retractable Screens - Warranty Certificate

Thank you for purchasing a ZEPHYR Retractable Screen product. We aim to provide visually pleasing and value orientated solutions to the provision of retractable insect screen functionality in your home.

We trust you will have many great years enjoying the great outdoors, from indoors. Your retractable screen has been designed for domestic settings and is intended for light duty use only.

ZEPHYR Retractable Screens Pty Ltd offers a Limited Warranty* for the ZEPHYR Retractable Flyscreens.

*This Warranty “only” covers manufacturing defects. False or misleading claims may incur fees and charges.

ZEPHYR Retractable Screens warrants that the products sold shall be free from defects in material and workmanship. The words “defects” as used in this warranty is defined as; imperfections which impair the utility of the product.

Routine service & maintenance would include keeping the guide rails and screen mechanism free of dirt, sand and debris. The words “routine service & maintenance” as used in this warranty is defined as “the maintenance required to be done by the customers”.

This Warranty is limited to manufacturing defects and expressly excludes damage or defects caused by or arising from:

  • Improper screen assembly, installation and/or adjustment performed by others
  • Damage as a result of environmental conditions, winds, natural disasters or other events beyond the control of the Manufacturer
  • Damage to the screen and all is components caused by deliberate or accidental misuse, abuse or neglect
  • Damage caused by humans or animals accidentally running or walking into the screen when in use
  • Damage caused to the screen components by inadequate maintenance, improper operation, and storage
  • General deterioration in appearance or performance that occurs as a result of normal operation and normal wear and tear
  • Progressive deterioration of finishes and material due to exposure to sun, rain, abrasion, heat and or cold
  • Damage caused by the contamination of the screen mesh due to excessive moisture, construction debris, and or aggressive cleaning agents
  • The screen mesh is woven material that is strictly checked for defects prior to production finalisation. Any square metre of mesh that contains three or less defects is considered acceptable and is not covered by this Warranty
  • Damage to the mesh caused by contact with excessive heat surfaces including, but not limited to construction equipment, cigarette ash, matches, cigarette lighters, sparks or hot cooking utensils
  • Damage caused by any third party

In addition, this warranty does not apply to any ZEPHYR Retractable Screens products used in commercial applications.

All visible defects must be reported before installation and finishing. Claims under this Warranty must be made within the specified Warranty period and within seven (7) days of the appearance of a defect.

This retractable fly screen is not intended for use in a high traffic area.

This retractable fly screen is not designed or intended to act as a security device or to prevent access by any individual, small children or animals.

ZEPHYR Retractable Screens Pty Ltd do not warrant that the products meet the requirements of any safety code of any state, municipality or other jurisdiction.

We do not offer any warranty/guarantee or responsibility for DIY installations.

Liability for any damages, including but not limited to consequential and economic loss directly or indirectly connected to our products, as well as breach of any expresses or implied warranties, including but not limited to implied warranties or merchantability, quality and fitness for any other purpose than as expressly stated herein, is disclaimed and excluded here from to the extent such disclaimer and exclusions are permitted by law.


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