Pleated mesh retractable screens

A simple and elegant solution to keeping ‘outside-things’ outside, pleated mesh retractable screens are consistently compact, no matter the overall width of the screen. This makes them very adaptable to challenging situations, like squeezing in behind blinds, or just giving you a consistent look across the breadth of the screen.

The pleats, while visible, soon visually disappear, especially when looking into the distance through the mesh at your great outdoors. The advantage of the pleat’s visibility, is that there’s less chance of walking right into the mesh and incurring damage.

When not in use, the mesh is folded away out of view, giving you an uninterrupted view through your closed glass.

Byron (Pleated Mesh)

Our Byron system is the most common and cost-effective solution in our range. Available in a wide range of configurations to suit different openings.

Our most popular and most adaptable solution, usually used on doors. The pleated mesh and frame is compact and can squeeze behind blinds. Pleated mesh isn’t quite ‘invisible’, but that’s an advantage for not walking through it!

In most cases, it is possible to choose between the 25mm tall or the 15mm tall bottom track. The vast majority of homes have inconsistent levels between internal floor, door sill and the outdoor surface. In these circumstances adding between 15mm and 25mm to one of those surfaces doesn’t make a big difference. Depending on DIY skills, or access to other trades, these tracks ‘can’ be recessed into one of those surfaces to achieve a flush finish.


Airlie (Pleated Mesh)

Airlie addresses the one potential short-coming of the Byron in some installations. Using a totally different ‘chain’ mechanism, the height of the bottom track is reduced down to only 3mm.

Make a statement about your style, with great function and simple elegance.


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Flat Mesh Screens

Simple is beautiful in design and in life, so many people prefer the traditionally elegant look of a flat insect mesh. That mesh needs to roll away and hide, so inevitably, there is a tube containing the mesh that is thicker than the tracks that the mesh extends into when in use.

Magnetic Flyscreens

With our focus on what is right for you and your situation, flexible magnetic framed screens are an elegant and simple solution to bringing the outdoors into your living space without compromise.