Magnetic Flyscreens

With our focus on what is right for you and your situation, flexible magnetic framed screens are an elegant and simple solution to bringing the outdoors into your living space without compromise. Adaptable. It’s more than a word or process for us, it’s a focus, an action and an outcome. It allows us to design ideas that work for you.            

Magnetic Flyscreens

Suited only to windows, our flexible magnetic framed screens offer a different solution to screening some challenging window configurations. Every screen is individually hand-made to order in a limited range of frame colours (White, Brown and Charcoal).

Peeling back the screen allows access to handles to open and close the glass without the worry of interfering with blinds, plantation shutters or furniture that a traditional hard frame, non-retracting insect screen would encounter.

The opposing magnetic strip is attached to the window frame to ensure an insect-tight seal, without compromising airflow.


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Pleated Mesh Screens

Our Byron system is the most common and cost-effective solution in our range. Available in a wide range of configurations to suit different openings. This makes them very adaptable to challenging situations.

Flat Mesh Screens

Simple is beautiful in design and in life, so many people prefer the traditionally elegant look of a flat insect mesh. That mesh needs to roll away and hide, so inevitably, there is a tube containing the mesh that is thicker than the tracks that the mesh extends into when in use.