Beautifully simple

Putting your trust in ZEPHYR Retractables, you can be assured that you’re getting ‘Beautifully Simple’ products to help you keep ‘outside-things’, outside and transform your indoor-outdoor living spaces.

Why should you consider ZEPHYR Retractable Screens?

Proudly handcrafted in Australia, Zephyr Retractable Screens are simply the best combination of quality and value available on the market for your doors or windows.

How are retractable screens fitted in general?

Generally, retractable screens are used only over the opening of a window or a door, allowing them to retract out of sight when not in use.

We’re innovators and problem solvers. Feel free to seek our advice about your opening, but remember, a picture is worth 1,000 words! The more detail, both close up and ‘big picture’, the easier it will be for us to assist by designing a solution without compromise.

What are the size restrictions?

The largest single screens possible in each of our ranges is:

  • Bryon – 3100mm High x 4500mm Wide
  • Airlie – 3100mm High x 2500mm Wide
  • Santorini (Pull Down) – 1600mm High x 2600mm Wide
  • Mykonos (Pull Across) – 2600mm High x 1600mm Wide
  • Magentic – 2000mm High x 1200mm Wide

Can you put retractable screens on French doors?

Of course you can! You then have the choice of whether to use a single screen across the entire opening, for an uninterrupted view of the great outdoors, or a pair of screens meeting in the middle.

Are retractable screens lockable?

ZEPHYR Retractables provide no security for your home, so apart from the magnetic or mechanical latches that each of our products include as standard to keep the screen fully extended, it would be pointless to include a locking function.

How can I become a reseller?

We’d love to hear from you. There are exciting opportunities to assist us to meet the increasing demand for our products nationally. Depending on where you live and how hard you’re prepared to work, you could easily generate rewarding full time work selling, measuring and installing ZEPHYR Retractables. Give us a call, or send us a note via our contact page.

Celebrate the great outdoors from indoors

Beautiful homes and living spaces, high traffic zones in your home which lead to a life well spent indoors and outdoors with no barriers…. until you need one, to stop the great outdoors, coming indoors. We celebrate what’s great in architecture, doors and windows. Flexible design and options that can be adapted to make more liveable spaces more beautiful. And open up outside, from the great indoors.

Increased flexibility of a linked indoor-outdoor living space

It’s the weekend, the temperature is perfect, friends and family are on their way, but the bugs are out and in a biting mood. No problem, just move the food and guests indoors, pull your ZEPHYR Retractable across and celebrate the great outdoors, from indoors.

How much are retractable screens?

DIY kits are a simple set price based on the model, size and colour chosen and shipping can be quoted before order, based on your delivery location.

It becomes far more complex to predict a price without visiting your home, or seeing detailed photos, when you need us to design a solution and install the screen for you. We need to use all of our skill and daring to design a solution that is economical, but doesn’t compromise function or looks.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Da Vinci was on the money in the 15th Century with his famous quote and it still holds true when applied to modern screening solutions like ours!

Beautifully simple solutions that keep outside things out

It’s the simple things that bring the most happiness. Simple living and beautiful spaces that are functional and elegant. A lifestyle centred around your home, family and friends. Simple is beautiful in design and life. Simplicity is the ultimate in style.

Don’t like looking at the mesh in traditional fixed flyscreens?

Whether it’s just that you don’t like looking at insect mesh when you don’t have to, or your window or door presents mechanical challenges to traditional ‘fixed’ insect screens, we’ve got a range of mechanisms to help you live your way without compromise.


ZEPHYR’s range of retractables’ aluminium frames can be powder coated in the vast array of colours available in the Australian market. Our standard range of colours is cheaper than many of the other choices available. Check with us for pricing and availability of the colour that satisfies you or your architect’s whim.

Custom installation or DIY

Out team of installers is ready and waiting, or take on the job yourself, and if you need a hand just get in touch.