Beautifully simple

ZEPHYR Retractable Screens provide beautifully simple solutions to challenging insect screen needs. We manufacture elegant, modern retractable fly screens, as both DIY kits and fully installed solutions of the highest quality at affordable prices.

Range Overview

Transforming your living spaces to celebrate the great outdoors from indoors with simple and elegant solutions to keep ‘outside-things’ outside, while making a statement about your style, requires an understanding of what’s available and why you’d choose different options.

Pleated Mesh – Compact, consistent frame thickness, cost-effective


  • 15mm or 25mm tall bottom track
  • quiet operation
  • corner screens possible
  • suits almost any opening
  • can be recessed into floors
  • cheaper than Airlie


  • 3mm tall bottom track, for zero trip hazard, or that flush look
  • audible bottom track when in operation
  • overall width limitations, compared to Byron
  • not suitable to all openings

Flat Mesh – Pleasing to the eye, mesh must roll into a tube that is thicker than the rest of the frame.


  • pull down
  • usually used on windows
  • generous height and width limitations, but not the largest in the market


  • pull across
  • usually used on doors
  • has height and width limitations – not the largest in the market

Magnetic Flyscreens

Flexible frames are a magnificent solution to some installation and operational challenges that fixed, or even retracting screens just aren’t meant for.

Solution Design + Installation

Members of our growing national network can assist you locally to design and install a retractable insect screen solution for most window or doors openings in your home.

Art of possible

When things aren’t straight forward, we come into our element. Almost anything is ‘possible’, but there will usually need to be a compromise on your behalf in cost, looks, functionality or a combination of those things. Challenge our team to create a great outcome for you.

Big picture, small detail

Our clients need a simple, elegant solution to keep ‘outside-things’, outside and still make a statement about their style. The vision we have is yours. We work together on what you want to see, and importantly don’t want to see. So all anyone sees in your home is the big picture. You can leave the small detailed stuff to us.

Performance & Design

Our clients know what they want when they see it. For everyday and the entertaining of friends and family at home, they need a simple, elegant solution. ZEPHYR Retractables transform a living space, celebrating the great outdoors in your home. Performance and design to live your way, without compromise.

There’s a solution

When it comes to increasing the amenity of your indoor-outdoor living spaces, there is a solution. Adaptable. It’s more than a word or process to us. It’s a focus, an action and an outcome. It allows us to design ideas that work for you, together. We do this leveraging our experience (Ours and our resellers), the relationships we hold close and the scale we have to deliver. We find a way because, now there’s a solution.

Where to find help

Our national distribution network continues to grow with access to our simple online quote request and ordering portal. Local experts will visit your home or building site and assess your specific needs and provide you with the best possible solution.